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In or Out - Youth Exchange

Open call

About the project

💡 In or Out is all about “earning by doing” together with others, caring for a shared space and letting your imagination run wild to create the ultimate outdoor activities.

🌍 Ommen, the Netherlands

📅 Project includes two phases:

▫️ Advance Planning Visit ▫️ 19 - 22 Apr (including travel days)

▫️ Youth Exchange ▫️ 13 -26 Jul  (including travel days)

🔍 2 places for the Group Leader and participant to attend APV and the Youth Exchange

🔍 4 more places available to participate in Youth Exchange only

❗The selection is open primarily for the Group Leader to take part in APV❗

👀Conditions to Participate:

▪️ 18-21 years old (for Group Leader 18-25 y.o.)

▪️ residence in Italy

▪️ Membership of New Wellness Education valid for 2024:

❗ To participate in the project Membership has to be requested only after you have confirmation

✏️ Info and application form:

⌛️Deadline to Apply for APV: ASAP

⌛️Deadline to Apply for Exchange: 30th March

🏠 The project is coordinated by Olde Vechte Foundation, and co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

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