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Rise Up - Youth Exchange

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Open call

About the project

💡 The topic of the project is entrepreneurship. Develop your capacity to act upon opportunities and to turn ideas into actions that have value for others. Raise the awareness of what you are capable of!

🌍 Upeslīči, Latvia

📅 13 May - 24 May 2024

🔍 5 places available for people interested in the topic + 1 group leader

👀Conditions to Participate:

▪️ 18-25 years old (for Group Leader 18+ no limit)

▪️ residence in Italy

▪️ Membership of New Wellness Education valid for 2024:

❗ To participate in the project, Membership has to be requested only after you have confirmation

✏️ Infopack:

🎯 Application form:

⌛️Deadline to Apply: ASAP, best candidates will be confirmed on the way

🏠 The project is coordinated by Do More Be More, and co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

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