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Think Before You Click l Training course

A training course about social media literacy for youth workers/leaders 20+

Il Progetto

Web 2.0 means that our online world is based on interaction and it is co-created by users. Everyone can provide content. As consumers of the internet, it can be dangerous and overwhelming. As content providers, we have to become aware of the immense responsibility.

During this project, by taking part in thematic workshops and activities, participants will emerge in the topics of critical thinking, media literacy, and the many aspects of social media, which involve responsible content creation.

🗓Date: 3-11 October 2022

📍Place: Tauchen/Mönichkirchen, Austria

💡Topics: responsible social media consumption and content creation

🧳For youth workers/leaders (from 20 years old - no upper limit)

🚶🏻With other youth workers/leaders from Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Italy, Hungary, or Spain.

✈️ Travel Reimbursement: 275 EUR


You can find more information about current COVID regulations here COVID-19 REGULATION and HERE

For further info contact:

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